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Experience the Agency Advantage With Tracy-Driscoll Insurance!

Avra Aubin, a personal lines sales associate at Tracy-Driscoll, is proud of what she calls the agency advantage. Thanks to the agency advantage, “you have a more personal relationship with the agency than you would have with a larger insurance organization,” she explains.

That personal touch is evident from a customer’s very first phone call to Tracy-Driscoll, when a person, not a machine, answers the phone. There is no automated voice system save for voice mail, and there are no automated services. Every time someone calls, a person answers.

When a customer’either prospective or existing’inquires about coverage, the agency advantage can help the customer save money. Simply providing a quick quote on possible policies is really a disservice. “It’s not just order-taking,” Avra says. “I try to explain the reasons why [a particular policy is a particular price] and what we’re going to do over the course of our relationship to get that price down.”

Tracy-Driscoll‘s relationships with over 15 insurance companies help the agency speak for their customers and get the coverage needed within their financial parameters. Recently, Avra worked with a customer who’d experienced a significant loss, and her insurance company elected to not renew her policy. “I was able to place her coverage and get her a very good rate. That’s 100 percent because of all the relationships that we have with the underwriters.”

Through the agency advantage, customers receive all the information they need to choose the best policy, because every individual and situation is different. Familiarity with companies that specialize in younger drivers, for example, can help Tracy-Driscoll find the best policy at the best possible price. “When life changes, we can change with you,” Avra promises.

Of course, the agency advantage doesn’t stop once a customer has the most appropriate policy, because the agency automatically reviews policies on a regular basis. As Avra explains, “If you have a crazy increase, we’re going to look at that. We have specific teams within our agency who handle those individual needs, such as increases in policies that just do not make sense, so that we can take care of our customers and make sure that they’re satisfied. They’re not paying more than they should, and they’re not insured for less or more than they should be.”

And that is the agency advantage.