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Five Safe Driving Tips for New Teen Drivers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more teens die from motor vehicle crashes than from any other cause. Protect your teens by having them follow these five safe driving tips:


    1. Turn off the Phone


Talking or texting on a cellphone, even one that’s hands-free, is equivalent to driving drunk. Plus, Connecticut driving laws prohibit the use of texting, calling, or using hands-free technology while driving for anyone 18 or younger. To avoid the hefty fines, have your teen turn off their phones when they get behind the wheel so they can focus on the road.


    1. Follow the Speed Limit


Speed contributes to up to 40 percent of fatal teen accidents. Instead of driving fast to keep up with traffic or to show off, your teen driver will stay safe when they follow the speed limit. This tip especially applies when driving on a unfamiliar road, in the midst of heavy traffic or during inclement weather. But make no mistake, it’s also important to follow every day.


    1. Reduce Distractions


Loud music has its place at a party, but not in the car. Teen drivers must focus on the task at hand, and reduce distractions that may prevent them from seeing obstacles, obeying posted signs or maintaining control of the vehicle.


    1. Practice Defensive Driving


Defensive driving allows teens to maintain safe following distances, obey signs and plan an escape route. Most drivers develop this mindset over time, but smart teens need to practice these skills from the time they first earn their driver’s license.


    1. Drive a Safe Car


Employing safe driving techniques is an important factor when keeping your teen driver safe on the road, but the vehicle that they drive plays a very important role too. Vehicles with anti-lock brakes, air bags, backup-assist camera, and electronic stability control can help better protect your teen driver out on the road.

Make sure you share these five tips with your teen driver! Likewise, you should be sure that you have adequate auto insurance on all of your vehicles. Call Tracy-Driscoll today at 860-589-3434, to learn how to update your auto insurance policies and insure your teen driver.