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Have You Found Yourself Without Health Insurance? Tracy Driscoll Will Guide You Through the Aftermath of Our National Health Insurance Act.

As you may or may not know, the annual enrollment period created by the government’s Affordable Care Act ended on March 31st of this year.  Individual insurance companies are required to follow the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act.  What this means to individuals is that if you had not secured health insurance prior to the end of the open enrollment date, you may be required to pay a government-imposed penalty.  By law, Tracy Driscoll, will only be able to enroll someone in the Affordable Care Act plan if you can prove a life status change within 60 days of enrollment.  Life-changing status is defined as; marriage, birth, death, or loss of coverage through your employer.  At this time, Tracy Driscoll is only able to offer our customers short-term medical coverage until the next open enrollment period.  Our only enrollment option does not conform to the nation’s Affordable Care Act and will not prevent a person from being penalized for failure to carry health insurance.  Unfortunately, the plan does have pre-existing condition limitations, as well as maximum reimbursements.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience but these guidelines are government mandated.  Tracy Driscoll has limited options available to help you until open enrollment begins again this November.  We would be pleased to help you or answer any of your questions and, once again, are sorry for our limited options.