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How to Keep Your Pool Safe

To continue the theme of summer safety, Tracy-Driscoll is here to offer some safety tips for homeowners with pools. Now that the summer is in full swing, you may be making sure your pool is ready to go for an upcoming pool party.

Here are some simple steps to protect those who use, or go near your swimming pool:


    • Never leave children alone in or near the pool-keep them under active supervision at all times




    • Since children can wander out of the house and potentially fall into the pool, you may want to put a fence around the pool to separate your house from it




    • Use gates with latches that higher than your child’s reach, or self-closing latches




    • Keep life preservers next to the pool




    • Remove swimming toys from the pool when they are not being used


Important Safety Tips


    • Keep your pool clean. Maintain proper chemical levels, circulation and filtration. Regularly test and adjust the chemical levels to minimize the risk of ear aches and rashes




    • Keep chemicals safely stored away from the pool area. Make sure to follow all storage and usage instructions recommended by the pool chemical manufacturer.




    • Inspect your pool’s liner. Rips and tears can appear undetected at the top of the lining. Check for signs of wear and tear where pipes and other items may have penetrated the liner. (e.g. skimmers, hoses, etc.)




    • Check your pool deck for safety hazards. (e.g. protruding nails, loose boards, etc.)




    • Make sure there is adequate life-saving equipment in the pool area, like life preservers, a rope with life-saving rings, a reaching pole, or rescue hook.


If you are having a big get together or pool party this summer, consider hiring a certified lifeguard for the event. A certified CPR lifeguard will help ensure pool safety. Call Tracy-Driscoll today at 860-589-3434 to find a home insurance policy that works for you!