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Keeping Home Burglars At Bay

Despite a dramatic rise in the number of home break-ins, nearly one in three homeowners (30%), don’t take the most basic steps to protect their homes. That was the bottom line found in a survey sponsored by Nationwide Insurance of more than 1,000 policyholders coast-to-coast, who carry Homeowner’s or Condo insurance.

Since June is National Safety Month, here are some tips to keep your home and belongings safe:


    • Put deadbolts on doors and always lock them (nearly one third of all thieves enter homes through front doors, which are oftentimes unlocked, according to the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association)


    • Make sure that windows (on all levels) are locked


    • Install a home security system and keep it on 24-7 (one in five respondents to the Nationwide survey turned off their systems during the day – even though that’s when home burglars are busiest)


    • Have motion-detection lights on the outside of your property


    • Do not hide a spare key outside your home – burglars know the most common hiding places


Going on Vacation?

If you’re going on vacation, tell the police or the neighborhood watch about your trip plans and ask them to drive by your house to see if it’s secure. While you’re away, put newspaper and mail delivery on hold, or have someone pick them up for you. You may also want to keep quiet online about your travel plans, since criminals will often use social media to target people who are out of town.

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