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Protect your investment

Not too many people consider their vehicle an investment, but it is. In fact it could be your most important investment. Your vehicle gets you to and from your employment. Your vehicle offers a safe and accessible way to travel.

As your investment, you take care of it. You put gasoline in the car. Diligently, you pay attention to the maintenance schedule for your oil changes and milestone check-ups. Rotating your tires, parking your car in a garage or a covered parking area, getting your car detailed, and other long term preventive measures are on your to-do list. You make sure your car is in tip-top shape.

Getting the right kind of car insurance should be on that list as well. Sadly, that is not the case. Many people like to get liability insurance to satisfy the requirements of the bank or the state. Realistically, however that basic coverage may not be enough coverage for expenses incurred in case of an accident. Liability insurance is basic insurance that only offers coverage for the other person in case of an accident. If you have damage to your vehicle and/or injuries you are out of luck.

Protect your investment and don’t skimp on auto insurance coverage. Get the best possible policy that covers your investment. Give Tracy-Driscoll a call today at (860) 589-3434 to get a review of your auto policy so we can help you fill in the gaps.