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Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool in the Summer Heat

Honestly, what’s worse than a hot and stuffy car? The heat and sun in the summer months can make driving around almost seem unbearable, with your car taking forever to cool down after you get in.

Luckily, there a number of ways to keep your car cooler on those hot and humid summer days. Tracy-Driscoll is here to provide you with some simple tips and tricks.


Did you know that your car’s windows act like a greenhouse, by holding in heat and sunlight? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), even if it’s only in the 60’s outside, your car’s interior temperature can increase to more than 110 degrees.

With this information, here are some ways to help keep your car cooler by reducing the amount of heat entering through your windows:


    • Sun Shades: Sun shades block direct rays coming into your vehicle, which will keep the interior temperature lower.


    • Park in the Shade: When possible, try parking your vehicle in the shade. If this isn’t possible, try parking your car so that the sun is only hitting your rear window, instead of your windshield. This should help keep your steering wheel and front seats cooler.


    • Cracked Windows: Since windows hold in warm air, leaving yours slightly open when parked will create a slight airflow.



In the summer, leather seats can get so hot that they cause burns. For those of you with leather seats, you can cover your hot seats with towels for an inexpensive solution.

Air Conditioning

To maximize your car’s cooling ability, turn the AC on full blast, as soon as you start the engine. You should also slightly open your windows until all the air inside the vehicle is cool. Doing so helps to improve the cooling efficiency, since as the hot air rises, it will be pushed out of your car’s windows as the cool air comes out the vents. Finally, make sure to turn on your car’s recirculating feature with your AC to maintain the coldest air.

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