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With both technology and the internet, more and more people in Connecticut are running home-based businesses, either full-time or part-time. But will a Connecticut Homeowners insurance policy cover the risks of a home-based business? In nearly every case, the answer is no. The only exception to this might be if a Homeowners insurance policy has a special endorsement, such as an endorsement to run a day care operation from your home. Yet fewer and fewer companies offer such endorsements. Additionally, some policies may give a very limited amount of coverage for business property, such as a computer. The bottom line is, nearly all Connecticut Homeowners Insurance policies clearly exclude business operations and not having a proper coverage in place can leave you with uninsured exposure. This is why you need separate business insurance to cover your home-based business risks.

Home-based business owners might feel that they do not need coverage because nobody steps foot on their premises. The problem is that liability claims often happen away from the business premises. This can include a number of scenarios, including someone taking action for information on your website or someone getting injured from the product or service you provide. Most business policies include coverage for personal injury lawsuits, which means someone takes legal action against you for things like libel or slander. Competitors and customers both can sue a business owner for personal injury. A business policy also covers off-premises injury, such as if someone trips on, slips on, or is injured by any kind of property you take out in the field. It will also cover you during trade shows and usually meets the insurance requirements that some trade shows may require.

From a property standpoint, any business property you might have in your home is usually excluded or has very limited coverage under a Connecticut Homeowners insurance policy. Getting coverage to protect your computers, equipment, furniture, inventory and any other physical assets helps keep your business in operation with minimal disruption and financial loss. A business policy also usually covers loss of income, which is payment for income you did not earn as a result of a loss covered under your policy. Policies may also include coverage for things like valuable papers, damage to property of others, property coverage off-premises and a number of other additional coverages.

A Business Owner’s Policy includes the coverage described above, and is specifically designed to protect the unique interests and property of a business owner. This package policy includes nearly all, if not most, of the coverage you need. However, if you are providing some kind of professional advice, consulting, or other non-tangible professional services, you might also need a Professional Liability policy. This is also known as Errors & Omissions insurance. In addition, if you have any employees, you are probably required by law to get Workers Compensation insurance. Depending on the type and size of business you own, you might have further insurance needs.

Hoping that your Homeowners policy is going to cover you in the event of a claim will leave you frustrated if your business experiences a loss. Businesses have a much higher risk than a homeowners policy allows for, and homeowners claims adjusters will quickly deny coverage for business-related claims in the event of a loss.

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