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Health Insurance Tips for Athletes

Do you love playing basketball, doing karate or riding your bike? You need health insurance that covers all the injuries you might sustain while doing the activities you love. Below are a few tips to make sure you’re covered.

What Injuries Are Common Among Athletes?

Every sport has unique risks, including even leisure sports like badminton. In fact,  did you know that more than two million adults will suffer a sports injury this year? Common injuries include:

– Bone fractures

– Concussion

– Rotator cuff injury

– Anterior knee pain

– Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow

– Sciatica

Which Athletes Are at Risk?

Of course, certain sports are more dangerous than others. For instance, rugby and lacrosse cause an average of one injury during every 33 hours of play, and basketball causes one injury every 71 hours of play. And don’t forget the dangers of extreme sports like mountain climbing, motocross and boxing. Studies show that 90 percent of boxers suffer brain injuries. However, common sports carry risks, too. Aerobic dance class causes one injury every 100 hours. Make sure you have health insurance as you enjoy your favorite sport.

Update Your Health Insurance Coverage

Does your current policy cover your favorite sports activities? Some exclude treatment for injuries sustained while performing extreme sports or while visiting overseas locations. You’ll want a rider or a different policy if you need coverage for these activities.

Get Prompt Treatment

Waiting even a day to “see if the swelling goes down” can be disastrous after certain injuries. Be sure your health insurance allows you to see the doctor immediately. It should also allow for out-of-network treatment if you travel away from home to play sports.

Make Sure Your Doctors are Covered

Some athletic injuries may require emergency room care, orthopedic surgery, physical therapy and regular visits to a primary care physician. Check your health insurance policy to make sure you can access these and other treatments you may need after a sports injury.

Knowing that sports are risky probably won’t make you give up your favorite pastime. That means, though, that you have to have updated health insurance. Call us today at 860-589-3434 to make sure you’re covered.