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Snow Removal Tips
Snow removal is one chore every property owner must do. With the first major snowfall expecting to hit this weekend, Tracy-Driscoll wants to make sure your prepared with these snow removal tips.




Packed snow and ice on steps makes them treacherous. Use a shovel or broom to clear them. You can also spread a thin layer of ice melting agent on your steps.


    • Sodium chloride (rock salt) works best when temperatures are above 25 degrees.


    • Calcium chloride works in below-zero temperatures but can leave a slippery residue on your steps.


    • Calcium magnesium acetate is expensive but is salt-free, biodegradable and less corrosive than salt on concrete.




You typically don’t have to remove snow from your home’s roof unless you receive a heavy, wet snowfall. Six inches of wet snow weighs the equivalent of 38 inches of dry snow and can cause roof damage. When your home’s interior and closet doors begin to stick or you see drywall or plastic cracks around them, your roof is beginning to buckle under the snow’s weight.

If you can reach the roof with your long-handled snow rake with a telescoping handle and built-in rollers, go ahead and do the job yourself. Otherwise, hire a licensed and insured professional. They own the extension ladders, anchor harnesses and other specialty tools needed to climb onto your roof and remove snow safely.

Proper Technique

Any time you remove snow, dress in layers, bend with your knees and pace yourself.

The next time it snows, use these snow removal tips as you clear your property. In the meantime, make sure your homeowner’s insurance is updated and will cover any snow-related damages or injuries. Give Tracy-Driscoll a call today at (860) 589-3434 to have one of our insurance professionals review your home insurance policy.